ECDF Brownbag AE520704::DigiEduBerlin post-CoVid19 update

activation of component of the Digital Primer Project

Stifterverband Senior Fellowship in Innovations in High-School Education / project

involvement in different digitalisation (medienhaus/,, InKüle) and sustainability activities (KKN, Klimatag)

organisation of hackathons (DigiEduHack, Synthux Academy) and participation at different artistic events (Rundgang, 48 Stunden Neukölln)

accepted talks at different high-profile conferences (OEB, University: Future Festival, AIED, IEEE ECEI)

both popularization as well as peer-reviewed articles

fundamental R&D in domains of speech recognition, knowledge management, reading acquisition, outdoor online teaching and harm-reduction technological addiction

some rejected projects (e.g. ERC, BMBF / AI, ESB etc.)

Guiding Principle(s)

0 :: One ounce of practice is worth a thousand pounds of theory.

1 :: The function of art is to inspire.

2 :: Build Your own instruments.

Elementary-school::Personal Primer

Inspired by the visionary work of Neal Stephenson "Diamond Age or Young Lady's Illustrated Primer", the "Personal Primer" has two branches.

First refers to the creation of a physical, book-like ("embooked") artifact that is built by (& speaks with voice of) parents, teachers, older peers or other precursors.

Second branch refers to web-based project / app

An "embooked" artefact ?

Personal Primer::What about a little ECDF embooking workshop ?

impossible to sum-up complexity of's backend in such a short time span

briefly: based around Kastalia Knowledge Management System

for speech-to-text we use acoustic model from Mozilla DeepSpeech (+ > 100 own language models) running on our infrastructure (, first fine-tuning / transfer-learning experiments in progress

based around new "audiotextual" format (>13000 audiotexts)

note: IOS devices are not full supported

High-school::Harm-minimization of technological addiction

University::Outdoor On-Line Teaching

Click here to access presentation focusing on OOT activities and introducing the Bildung Biodigitale curriculum.

Governance::3rd mission

CO2-balance sheet of any future University is either negative ...

... or there is no University

if educational ideal of Comenius, Pestalozzi, Rousseau, Humboldt & co. is to survive, initiation of out-of-the-box thinking and honest discussion concerning topics like "sustainability of non-sustainable structures", "deep lobbying", "dark patterns", "transparency" etc. are of utmost importance

ECDF Brownbag AE520704::thanks / / @DigiEduBerlin

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